21 Videos in 21 Days

I was just thinking that I was running out of stuff to talk about (no, really - is that possible for me?  I think that after this week, Desiree would say no) when I was given a new challenge.  Remember how I had to build that facebook FAN PAGE a couple of weeks or so.  I have 21 fans.  Or really - I have 21 people who are willing to tolerate me, which is good enough for me. 

So my new challenge is that I have to create 21 videos in 21 days.  Of me.  Talking about stuff.  The point of the exercise is to learn to really see how you show up.  Now, does that mean I am going to look perfect over the next 21 days for my videos?  Heck, no.  Some of my videos might be at 5:00am because I might be more real at that hour than later during the day.  Do I know what the topics will be?  Nope.  

Have you ever had someone ask you the question, "Where do you see yourself in five years?"  Doesn't that seem like a ridiculous question?  Five years ago I was pregnant with my daughter.  I was watching my little friend Spencer-bean, the son of my Bestie, who lived across the street at the time.  I had no idea whatsoever that I would end up working part time from home, back in the industry I had worked in for five years before becoming a mom.  I had no idea that I would start my own company.  So really, there is NO way I could have predicted five years ago where I am today.  

Now, I am getting real about this and saying, "Where COULD I be in 90 days?"  Because COULD is a much more powerful word for me.  Could opens up possibilities that inspire me.  There are no boundaries in the word could.  So my video today is....

Where could I be in 90 days?  Let's start with the basics...

Personal response:  Don't film from down below because then it is all about the double chin.  And no one really wants to look at the ceiling behind me.  What have I learned - I look up a lot when I am talking and look around and blink.  I need to connect with the camera as my "audience".  I also look tired, but I have been up since 5:30 am every day this week and it is Thursday which means I might be a little sleep deprived. 


  1. WHAT?! Why would I say "no"? You nut! I have missed working out with you the past 2 days. I am there next week. Promise!

  2. Just because you got to be on the receiving end of my 6:00am non-stop talking!

  3. I totally like this idea and may modify it a bit to fit some ideas I have floating around. Video is so powerful and you are right - you start to see how you present yourself and make adjustments.

    So, I learned about the "hold the camera high" trick last year when a photographer took some pictures of me and gasp - I had four chins. From above, I only had one. (-; Yea!

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as always.