What Should I Talk About?

If you don't comment on this post then YOU ARE A LOSER!  Just kidding.  Did I get your attention?  I'm JUST KIDDING.  

Here's the thing.  As talkative as I am, coming up with 21 videos in 21 days without a script is just plain weird.  I mean, the thought actually crossed my mind that I should publish a video of me just working for two minutes so that I can see what facial expressions I have.  Then I thought, "Do I want to know that about myself?"  The answer was no.

So, here is your chance to tell me what you want me to talk about.  Come on - don't be shy!  It could be the weather, I don't care.  I need at least 18 comments with 18 topics.  I promise to address all of the topics as long as they are appropriate as this is a family friendly blog.  If you don't want to comment with your topic, you can email me or facebook me or however else you want to communicate with me.  You could even call me.  Or text me.  Or bring me cookies with the topic written out in lovely scroll handwriting.  

Disclaimer:  I wrote this on four hours of sleep. 


  1. I'd like to hear you talk about how you balance your work and home life; as well as your greatest struggle to balance out both.

  2. What we can do to be better prepared for the future

  3. I'd like you to discuss Cher Fitness and how you could have ever done that video without laughing at her outfit the whole time. Or maybe why at nearly 40 I still find myself feeling insecure and wondering if people like me. Or maybe talk about Dave's bread making skills, I need some tips.