Daily Bread

One of the requests that I received was to talk a little bit about Food Storage. Having been the "Food Storage Specialist" at my church for a year, I was able to gain a little bit of information on how it should all work. My husband decided that he was going to learn how to grind wheat and bake bread from scratch and he has been doing that for a couple of years now. In fact, one might say that he is a bread baking expert - at least around these parts.

Most people, however, do not have a brilliant bread baker taking up residence in their homes like I do.

Dailybread.com came into my world a few years ago when my friend, Keysha, recommended them to me. We met with the sales guy and decided to buy a three month supply to supplement what we already had.

See my thoughts below and check out their website. You can order a free sample. The beauty is that it is a just add water sort of deal. We tried one out and it isn't a five star meal, but it tastes okay and you could definitely live off of it.

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