Strenghthening Marriage - Laura Brotherson

About 20 years ago I met Laura because my cousin's cousin is her husband.  Confused, yet?  No worries - that is how our family tree rolls.  Suffice it to say that we are sort of related through marriage.  No offense to geneology buffs who are protesting right now.

A few years ago Laura wrote a book.  Let's call it a ground-breaking book.

In it, she addressed marital intimacy.  Let's face it.  Growing up in my Church the emphasis was on Don't Do It.  And since I was raised in a post Hippie-era, it was largely a discussion that was avoided.  In fact, most of my college friends hadn't ever had much of a discussion with their parents about it.  And, of course, if that is how a woman grows up, imagine the shock when suddenly after the big day in the white dress everything is fine and dandy.

Laura now has a weekly audiocast on the Women's Information Network.  She is a Marriage and Family Therapist.  She provides coaching and counseling.  She even hosts Couples' Cruises to the Caribbean (say that 10 times fast).  More information on Laura can be found at Strengthening Marriage

Check out her video about talking to children about sex and check out her book as well.  As she said, we can teach our children so much better than we were taught (as a whole - my mom did a great job) and maybe create a healthier outlook.  We will be talking to our son about it within the next year and I look forward to implementing Laura's advice.

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