Fan Page

Is a normal person like me allowed to have a Fan Page on Facebook?  It turns out that yes, yes I AM allowed!  And by that I mean, Facebook didn't stop me.  It certainly doesn't mean that I will ever have fans.  I mean, I might have fans, but they are people that probably already know me in some way and feel sorry for me a little bit.  Like in 6th grade when I said hi to all of the 7th graders in hopes that if I said hi they would learn my name.  They must have eventually learned my name because they are all friends with me on Facebook.  Or, they feel sorry for me a little bit. 

I bet if my sister set up a Facebook Fan Page she would have around 1000 followers because she writes a really cool blog that gets about 60 comments every time she posts.  I get one, maybe two comments when I post and they are usually from Desiree who has made it a goal to comment more often on other peoples' blogs.  That counts though, because she is at my house every morning at 6:00am when she doesn't have pink eye. (Sidenote:  Desiree's aunt is my second cousin which makes us not related at all, however, it's pretty cool.)

My sister would be way too cool to ever have a Fan Page on Facebook.  I'm just sayin'.  Or, she doesn't have time to have a Fan Page because she is too busy reading so that she can write about what she reads.  She read 55 books this year.  So if she recommends them, you can bet they are good because she reads a lot and would know.  I have read 10 books this year and a magazine and they have all been required for my book club.  Just kidding - I may have read 12 books this year.  However, I have been remodeling the house and that takes up reading time.

My point is, please like my fan page.  It will make up for being such a loser in 6th grade.  Plus, it's required for my business coaching to make one.


  1. This is funny. I'm officially "commenting". And its not because I feel bad for you.

  2. I "like" your fan page. I don't think you were a loser in 6th grade. Weren't you a funky chicken then?