What Every Cook Needs

I am not exaggerating when I say that if you own one cookbook ever in your life, this should be the one.  The.only.one.  And not just for the enchilada recipe.  Everything my husband has made from this book has rocked my world.  Notice I said my husband.  I don't cook much anymore since he took on that hobby.  In fact, a couple of weeks ago he informed me that if I had any questions about cooking I should just ask him.  It was when I was making a stuffing recipe on Thanksgiving Day. 

The thing is, the original America's Test Kitchen Cookbook has nothing healthy in it.  I prefer the word "healthy" to "light" and there is nothing I hate more than "low-cal".  So, I was thrilled to see that ATK had come out with a Healthy cookbook.  So thrilled that I have it in my wish list on Amazon to someday buy.  Like, maybe in January when that whole healthy eating phase starts again.  Speaking of healthy eating, though....

Today I got an email from Beachbody.com.  They like to send me little things to remind me that I am not on track with my fitness goals.  The email discussed Five Things to Cut Out of Your Diet.  If you are a brave soul with no guilt about food, you will go and read the list and scoff.  If you are like me, you immediately try to figure out ways that you can combine quinoa, tofu, and veggies without wanting to throw the dish across the room.  By the way, Keysha, I am still waiting for that recipe!  

Anyway, this is in no way a hint to anyone, but I would love this for Christmas or maybe as a New Year's Eve present if you are into that sort of thing.  And by the way, Beachbody, I already drink your Shakeology so stop with the guilt already!


  1. Quinoa and veggies - yummy! Jennifer has a great recipe for a quinoa salad you have to have. Tofu... ewww. I ate it when I was young and not allergic to soy, so I can saw Ewww with knowledge.

  2. Sheila and Mario's family eat quinoa a lot -- it's a Peruvian staple. Joel eats some quinoa concoction his grandma Olga makes. I've had it and it's not bad. Tofu is another story. I cannot handle the texture of it. This cookbook sounds terrific. I would like to get rid of all of mine, but I can't break the obsession. I like to read new cookbooks, so I have a ridiculous collection of them.