Jackie Warner

A few weeks ago my friend Alicia said, "Do you want to go walking in the morning?"  I looked outside, anticipated the now 12" of snow on the ground, and said, "No, however, let's work out in my basement."  That conversation developed into five of us now working out diligently in my basement every morning at 6:00am.  Now, here is the key - we don't do cardio.  It's true!  We agreed that we are on our own for cardio since all of us like different things.  So what we do is either weight training or yoga or abs.  It's awesome.  I never want to do any of those things on my own, and Desiree makes us do abs because she claims that you can tell that they are working right away.  She's right, but ever since I started doing abs my stomach muscles hurt when I sneeze.

The dvd we have primarily been doing has been Personal Training with Jackie Warner*.  Jackie is easy to follow and she doesn't annoy, which is our main criteria.  At 6:00am you really don't want someone perky and peppy shouting at you.  Jackie is more like a nice drill sergeant.  Five of the workouts are 15 minutes each, and then there is a 40 minute workout that we haven't braved, yet.  Our general rule is that we won't go over 30 minutes.  

What is the goal of all of this?  Well, we each have different goals.  Right now my goal is to not gain the usual 7 lbs over the Holidays.  The fact that I have to get up every morning to work out reminds me that it's not worth it to overeat.  Does that mean I won't have days of overeating?  Of course not.  I love to eat!  All five of us love to eat.  In January my goal will be to start losing weight again.  I have in mind that I will get down to my goal weight by the time I turn 40.  That is about 15 months away.  It means I can lose about 3 lbs a month and hit my goal.  3 lbs a month is doable, right?  

Check out Jackie's dvd - especially if you are like us and you don't have a lot of time to work out.  I incorporate a couple of days with High Intensity Interval Training if I am feeling up to it, however, Jackie can get your heart pumping (just ask Nat when she is using her 10 lb weights!).  Good luck and let me know what you think!

*Jackie Warner comes recommended by Barbara Christensen at Eat Fresh in the City.

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