The Power of Music

This past week Uncle Kelly landed in Salt Lake.  Uncle Kelly is the crazy Air Force uncle who lives in Alaska, and everyone loves Uncle Kelly.  Well, I actually am growling at him right now, but in general, he's the favorite. 

I am growling at him because he came over on Friday to play, and saw me organizing my 250 cds and said, "Seriously?  What is this?"  Then he pulled out his cute little ipod nano touch and I was hooked. 

Isn't it cute?  To be honest, it seems a little too cute for an Air Force dude, but that might be my way of getting back at Uncle Kelly for introducing it to me.  Now I can't decide if I want to get one like this, or a bigger ipod touch.  Because I might lose this one.  

Secretly, I want both.

For different purposes.  Of course.

So now I am spending way too much time importing all of my 250 cds into iTunes (several years behind the curve - whatever - I'm old school) and will have to wait until Valentine's Day to get my ipod. 

It's all Uncle Kelly's fault. 

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