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Babe With a Budget

As if making gorgeous flower arrangements weren't enough, or being thrifty, or coming up with yummy recipes, guess what my next door neighbor is doing now?!  If I could get away with hair flowers, or if my daughter wouldn't rip them out of her hair (wait...CAN I get away with hair flowers?  We might need to explore that and I know just who to go to.) I would snap these up in a second.  

Oh wait again.

I DID snap some things up!  See those cute wooden dolls?  I put in an order for her to make, ahem, several of them.  As in one to represent all of the women in my daughter's family, so that she can have a set of four generation dolls.  The beauty is that with my 10 girl cousins and all of my daughter's second cousins, I can keep Mulberry Girl in business for quite a while.  We may have to even run an intervention and get her out of her brand new craft room.  

Just wait until I convince her to do boy dolls and a nativity. 

Seriously, though, what better way to teach children about their extended family in a way that they can remember?  My daughter will be able to spend time having HER doll play with her mom, aunts, grandmothers and great-aunts.

Sorry, Kristen, if this makes you that much busier, but I still expect you at my house every morning at 6:00am. 

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  1. Ha! I will be there! Order away, bring crafty is my way of escaping without going anywhere. I'll try to do more flowers so I can bring you extras!