Reminiscing: Christmas Past

I'm stealing this idea from Desiree because it is a cute idea and I'm too caught up in preparing for Christmas to come up with anything original.  

My first Christmas with my husband was just a couple of months after we got married.  We had been in Utah and Arizona for our wedding, so we opted to stay home.  My mom flew out from Arizona, my cousin flew out from Chicago, my brother-in-law drove up from North Carolina, and our friend Cheryl joined us.  Six adults, good food, pajama-central, and movies galore.  It was really the perfect Christmas, and the last one before I was a mother.

The Two Towers came out that year, so we spent the night before watching The Fellowship of the Ring in anticipation.  I made six huge bowls of popcorn.  We lived in a townhouse in Northern Virginia back then.  Sometimes I miss the townhouse, but not the three flights of stairs I had to climb multiple times a day.  The kitchen was on the main floor (which we called The Shire) and our tv was on the middle floor (which we called Middle Earth).  Our top floor was called Rivendell.  We were a bit geeky, however, it worked for us.  

We focused on stockings that year, and everyone got everyone else stocking stuffers.  I always like to have a movie, book, and cd in my stocking (which reminds me that I still need to find a book for mine this year).  I think it even snowed a little bit that year, which was unusual for Virginia.  It was only my second Christmas away from "home", the first one being the year before when my mom, cousin and I decided to rent a huge house in the Outer Banks for a week.  That was the most peaceful Christmas of my life.  Seriously - someday we will do it again with the kids. 

For New Year's Eve that year we went to a fondue party at our friends' house.  We played games until late into the night.  Three weeks later at our own house warming/Golden Globe party we found out that we were going to have our first child.  But that is another story...

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  1. Love it!! And can I just say, seeing my name on your blog makes me feel cool;)