Sharing Things I Believe In

I am not trying to sell to you.  I don't like sales as far as selling is concerned.  I like sharing things I like and having you share them with me.  Sometimes I buy what people share with me because I see the value in it.  Sometimes I don't because it doesn't apply to me.  It's kind of that simple.  

My point is - the things I share with you on my blog are things that I like and that work for me.  I don't expect everything I share to work for you.  I don't expect everything you share to work for me.  However, I do expect you to share things that you like with me and I will continue to share things I like with you.

How does that sound? 

1 comment:

  1. I believe that to be the beauty of blogging. We can all say our peace, share things and readers can take from it what they will.