Think Up!

I am really wiped out from today.  I got up at 5:30, worked out, got some stuff done, then headed to the Prosperity Summit downtown.  One thing I learned - the Prosperity Summit is really something that is best experienced from 8:00am on day one until they close the doors at the end.  When you come in during the middle, the energy is different.  I also liked it better at the Hilton where it was more intimate.  This time it was at the Salt Palace and while it is a beautiful building, it lost the sense of "we're all in this together" that I loved about the last one.

What I did love was having Heather Madder present so much.  She has a very soothing method of delivery that I like.  There were some things that really resonated with me that I have felt for a long while now and it's nice to hear someone other than the crazy voices in my head verbalize what I am feeling. 

One thing that Heather taught in a coaching session a few weeks ago was to "Think UP!"  I wrote it down on a 3x5 card and taped it to my desk so that when I start wondering where to go with my thoughts next, I will always be reminded to Think UP.  If that means for me that I just elevate or raise my thoughts to a more spiritual realm instead of focusing on laundry, then, that is what it means.  It goes well with my morning meditation and prayers, where I try to go from the physical (exercise) to the mental (meditation) to the spiritual (prayers).  If I then go in and read scriptures with my family, I am prepared for the things that the scriptures have to teach me that day.  

The point is, there really is never a need to be negative.  If I am feeling negative, I need to Think UP.  Because thoughts have mass and energy, thinking up will change the feelings I am having.  My mom wrote about this on her blog earlier this week.  Powerful stuff, and most of us never realize how powerful we actually are.  Or we are too scared to know what our power can do for us.  I'm working on that, and those closest to me can see the difference.  Does that mean that I don't slide back?  Of course not.  That's not the point.  If we all acted solely on the information we receive, we would all be rich, skinny and happy.  It's ACTION that makes the difference.  And if I am thinking in 4 different directions, what is that action going to look like.

So this week when I flounder, I choose to Think UP.  What will you choose?

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