Video - Day Six - Lifeline Barbara

As part of Paid to Play, we are required to have Lifelines.  The idea of a lifeline is interesting to me.  Basically, they are people willing to give you real and honest feedback - good or bad.  And, realistically, they should be people that you love enough in order to accept that feedback.  We were told to find five lifelines so I obviously chose my husband as one, and my mom as one.  That left three.  Now, according to Facebook I have a lot of friends, so I took some time to think about it.

I would like to introduce you to one of the people I chose as my lifeline.  Her name is Barbara and she is my neighbor.  I have mentioned her a few times on my blog because she is an inspiration to me.  We have lived across the street from each other for six years, but our friendship really grew for the past three for various reasons.  What I love about our friendship is that we can talk about anything (and usually do), but our conversations are usually about personal growth, our daughters (who are best friends), and food.  Barbara was my daughter's preschool teacher for two years, which is why her current preschool teachers tell me she is brilliant.  Barbara taught her all of her letters, colors, numbers, and she can count to 100.  That would have been good enough for me, except that it wasn't for Barbara.

So please take a few minutes to meet my friend by visiting her website at Eat Fresh in the City, and consider signing up for her New Year Countdown Program.  She sends me a workout daily from, as well as a seven day mealplan.  Because Barbara has major allergies, they are all organic and allergy-free recipes.  I am planning on implementing some of her recipes when she carries things over into January.  Please watch the video to learn more about what it means to have a Lifeline and how they can help you as you make changes in your life.

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