Video - Day Two: Introducing Rachel H. Jones

For my 21 videos in 21 days I am going to feature a few of the women that have rocked my world in the past couple of months.  I was introduced to Rachel through the Paid to Play Academy because our mentor, Garrett J. White, made us buddies in the program.  I think our first buddy call lasted about an hour and a half.  Now, if we get on the phone, we may as well just kick back because it's going to be a long conversation that cuts through the garbage and gets to the deep stuff in 2.6 seconds.  And yes, we have met in person.  And yes, she is that gorgeous in real life.

2011 is going to bring some interesting changes to my life, as if the end of 2010 hasn't already!  Rachel will be a part of that.  She is developing a rockstar program that will teach people to live true to themselves.  And let me tell you - she is already doing it.  I knew about five seconds into our first conversation that I wanted her to coach me in a few different areas (hello - especially eating healthy - which she lives by) and have been begging her ever since to create her program - if only for me!  She is an inspiration to me and I am looking forward to where our friendship will take us.  So check out her stuff on and take this journey with her as she shares with us what living true looks like for her.

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