The Great Crud of 2011

I should have known that if I stopped using On Guard that we would get sick.  I was so diligent in the Fall, but then time got away from me and I just forgot.  So over the fun Holiday weekend my husband and I looked like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  We huddled in our bed fighting over who would get up and feed the kids.

Have I mentioned I have amazing children?  They took care of each other and themselves for three solid days.  Have I also mentioned that I love the Wii and I am glad that we caved and got it this year?

Have I also mentioned that I love essential oils?  As soon as I started feeling sick I started putting Oregano on my feet and Peppermint on my head.  It seriously helped and in between bouts of fevers and chills I was able to function a little bit.  At least long enough to make grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids.  

I have now caught up on all of my TV shows (two) and almost every movie that I have missed in the past year.  

We even managed to croak through scriptures all three days.  Today I am still feeling crappy, but the chills are gone as of this morning and my head doesn't feel like I am being hammered on all sides.

Having said all of that, did I take other medications?  Yep.  I took a dose of advil a day for the headaches, and TylenolPM at night to sleep.  But I didn't take it round the clock, which is what I would have done in the past.  For that, my kidneys and I are grateful.

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