The Bachelor Finale

I must confess that I watched the very first "The Bachelor" years ago with my friend Lizzie when we were roommates.  But then I stopped watching after that because he didn't choose either girl and that was annoying.  Kind of like the first season of "24".  I don't remember the ending of that except that I had spent 48 hours watching it on dvd and something happened that made me mad so I haven't watched it since.  

I don't have a tremendous amount of loyalty to shows, it would seem.

So last night I was invited to a "The Bachelor" finale party and I went for the food and the company and to get the closure I was so desperately seeking.  I hadn't watched the show.  I didn't know which girl was which.  I knew one had a kid and the other didn't.  Everything I knew was based on my sister's blog and my workout sessions with friends who watched it.  Oh, and apparently everyone I know knows someone who knows Michelle Money or dated her or lived in her neighborhood or lives in her neighborhood.  As far as my celebrity fixation goes...she isn't on my list.  Although, apparently it wouldn't be difficult for me to meet her.  I'll stick with P-Dub.

Where was I?  Oh yes!  The treats!  Rachel made chocolate covered strawberries and other fruit and sparkling cider in champagne glasses with red colored sugar around the rim.  She had lit candles and had a red rose.  And someone brought salsa and blue cheese dressing for a dip for chips and there was also a selection of cupcakes and cookies.  She had me at hello.

Then I annoyed everyone with my questions and snarky comments.  Then I deflected it onto my friends there who could take the heat.  For example:
Chantal: "I've never gone around the world for like, ANY GUY before!"  

Me: "Who has?!  Oh wait!  Trisha!"  

But that was just because she met her husband when they were on their mission in South Africa and the finale was filmed in South Africa.  Anyway, I thought I was funny even if no one else did.

The best two responses I have read on the matter are:

And that, my friend, is what I call....closure.*

*Name that show.


  1. I have no recollection of ever watching that show... Doesn't mean that we didn't. Maybe I just blocked it from my mind :0)

  2. You know you loved it....don't tell me you're not going to watch next season :) Just kidding, you probably won't, but I most likely will!

    I'm glad you came - and your questions weren't annoying. Let's be honest, we all loved having someone to explain things to; it made us feel good! And I snuck over and read the Jolly Porter - HILARIOUS! I loved it :)