Best Videos of the 80s

I remember when MTV started.  I also remember watching HOURS AND HOURS of videos with my sisters all summer long.  All.Summer.Long.  In between episodes of Days of Our Lives, Another World, and Santa Barbara.  And going down to Minuteman to get diet coke.  And eating Top Ramen for lunch.  

Amazingly, we are all alive in spite of our eating and TV watching habits.  We are also relatively normal in spite of watching the above video.  Don't get me started on our relationship with a-ha, alphaville, and Howard Jones.  No, seriously.  Don't get me started.  Let's just say, "No One Is to Blame". 

While we are on the topic...what are your favorite videos from the 80s?


  1. Remember how I thought the words were "I am the oreo"?

  2. I just can't help trying to recreate my perfect childhood for my kids. But it is elusive.

  3. I have to say, one of my all time faves:

    Best part? When the guy puts Ketchup and Mustard on his tongue, then eats it like a hot dog. Always loved that as a kid.