Food Critic: Saffron Valley Indian Street Foods

Today, at the recommendation of my friend Kevin Davis, an internet guru that I have been working with in the Paid to Play process (shout out - shameless - he's a rockstar), we tried Saffron Valley Indian Street Foods for dinner.

Now, until about two years ago the biggest food adventure I had was, well, nothing.  I even lived in Washington, DC (or thereabouts) for 7 years and although my friend Lisa tried dragging me to belly dancing restaurants, it never happened and I stuck with Sweetwater, Maggiano's, and Rio Grande.  Then I was introduced to Bombay House and that was all it took to get me hooked on Indian food.  

Bombay House is really far from my house.  

So when Kevin promoted Saffron Valley, I jumped at the chance to try it.  It's actually within about a 10 minute drive on 104th South in SoJo (South Jordan - I think SoJo is catchier) and about 1000 West-ish.  It's a little bistro type of place with eat-in and take-out and they even gave me a free chocolate samosa because I name dropped (Kevin, Bhavisya) all over the place.  

I do that, ya know.  Namedrop.  All over the place.  You might be next.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for my blog to make you not-really-famous-but-maybe-in-certain-circles, try out Saffron Valley!  Their food is excellent (we got the coconut korma and tikka masala)!  Also, "like" them on Facebook, please, so that everyone knows about them! 

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