Follow Up - The Oracle

Since I am primarily a Visionary and secondarily a Warrior, I decided that I needed to appease Ginny and post the information all about the Oracle so that she can ask her questions.  I, am not, an Oracle.  In fact, I am only slightly more Oracle than Healer.  That will come later unless my A-D-D kicks in again.

Black or White...there is no gray

In this chapter we will look deeper into the 'Oracle'.  The 'Oracle' in one word is the 'Perfectionist'; which tends to be both a blessing and a curse.  Like the Owl they can see the 'Big Picture'.  It is crucial to have an 'Oracle' on your team.  They are the masters at perfecting systems and critiquing everything that may be out of alignment.  They are also able to see when team members are taking actions that may be detrimental to the business. 

Follow through & finish project to perfection
See the world in 'Black & White'
Able to see patterns that are out of place
Stand with an authoritative demeanor
Speak with clarity, poise, and exactness
Very observant and aware of their surroundings

See the 'Big Picture' in a system/project
Use their keen awareness to communicate truth
Like a mirror to others so they can 'see' themselves
Can express critical observations with clarity and tactfulness
Easily stay on track & have a keen focus

Overly critical of themselves & others
Can only see the problems & mistakes in everything
Build walls to keep others out and will appear self-righteous
Can become obsessive/compulsive
Focus too much on perfecting details at the cost of missing the 'Big Picture'

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