You want me to do what?

I went to a new doctor yesterday who is more holistic in his approach.  His office had an antique roll top desk, an antique typewriter, an antique wall phone, and instead of a rolling plastic chair, an old wooden bench.  There was low lighting and a door leading to the outside with chimes singing in the wind.  In other words, awesome.  Nothing cold, sterile and alien-like with the overhead lighting. 

He spent some time talking to me about my edema and eczema and other issues.  And then....

He said...

Let's try a detox diet for four weeks and start from there.

Um, what?  A doctor that doesn't just prescribe meds?  What?!  

So he asked me if I would be able to commit to it and I said, "I'm going on vacation soon."  He said, "Okay - wait until after your vacation.  You will need support in this.  Is your husband supportive?"  I said, "Yes, he will do it with me."

Go figure - a doctor that prescribes a diet change first.  

So anyway, after my vacation things will be tough for a month, but don't worry - I will document it here along with how I am feeling and all that stuff.  I am calling on all of my organic-loving yogi friends for help.  

The first week all I can have is chicken, turkey, fish (organic grass fed or whatever organic fish eat), and cage-free eggs.  Plus, all vegetables except for potatoes.  Plus, all nuts and seeds, but no peanuts.  I also need to chew my food at least 12 times.  No soda (gave that up anyway).  I can make my own carrot, celery, or other vegetable juices.  

Bring on the ideas! 

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  1. Looks like it's time for some backyard chickens! Now you know what to do with the part of your yard where the pool used to be!