Joys and Sorrows

This past week while on Spring Break in rainy sunny and gorgeous Washington, DC/Virginia (just trying to make my Utah friends jealous) I got some great news.  Two of my best friends are moving to Utah!  And they don't even know each other!  How is that for manifesting whatever?

And then today I got news that another close friend may be moving away.  

So apparently I am good at manifesting some things, but then forgot about the other things I am supposed to be manifesting.  Like people staying here.  I'm working on it.  

Traveling with kids is fun on a plane when they sleep for half the trip.  I recommend always traveling non-stop with kids.  We flew out there non-stop and flew back with a layover and I didn't like the layover much.  I have issues with airlines that do 45 minute layovers where you have to run from one end of the airport to the other with luggage and it takes 30 minutes to do so.  That's just ugly.  

I do like people who spend 90 minutes of a flight playing games like tic tac toe with my son.  Those are cool people.  I would never do that for someone.  I'll find you a job or a house to live in or whatever, but I won't play with your kid for 90 minutes on an airplane.  Just sayin'.  If I am on a flight by myself I'm reading a book or watching a movie or sleeping.

I have jetlag right now and I keep yelling at my kids to be quiet because my head hurts.

I am going to start painting my daughter's room.  I think a lavender/gray because I am swapping rooms with her and making her room my office because it is bigger and she just messes up all of that space.  I think lavender/gray will be soothing so maybe I won't holler at my kids as often.

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