Looking for Miracles

This past week was full of highs and lows.  I would hear good news and then I would hear bad news and then good news again.  And because I often take on the energy of other people I went through those highs and lows until I remembered that none of the things were actually happening...to me.

Here is my blessing and my curse.  I see miracles everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!  I see things fall into place and think, "Hey - there is your answer.  Now have faith and move forward."  I don't second guess myself, I don't doubt.  I just do it.  

Why might that be a curse?  Well, when other people second guess, I struggle.  I think, "Why don't they see what I see?"  

The crazy thing that I am learning (slowly) is that God gives us miracles and blessings all.of.the.time and we reject them.  But sometimes that is part of His plan as well.  Because He knows where we are and what we can handle.  And sometimes, we can't handle the miracles.   I absolutely believe in miracles.  I don't expect miracles in every instance.  In some of the events of the past week I don't expect a miracle, and in fact, I am peaceful that the miracle will be in the letting go.  

So my question - have you had miracles happen in your life that you refused to see as miracles and then later just wanted to kick yourself?

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