Another Weird Case of Connections

Today I was chatting with my very old friend, Morgan.  Oh wait - he's not old.  Well, he's sort of old.  I mean, he's almost FORTY, or maybe he is 40.  How old are you anyway, Morgan?

What I meant was that we have been friends for a long time.

There, that is better.  It's all good - he's aging well.  Where was I?

Right!  So my friend, Morgan, is a Mr. Mom with two kids and his lovely and fabulous wife, Amy, had a baby boy a few months ago.  One of these days they are going to come up and visit.  

Seriously, I am so good at going off track these days.

So today Morgan says, "Jen wants to interview me."  

Crickets....I currently know over 20 Jennifers and that is just on Facebook.  

So I said, "Which Jen?"

And he said, "Cup of Joe with Jen". 

I said, "Wait, you know I am friends with her, right?"  

Anyway, so now my hilarious, wonderful, amazing, crazy friend Jen in Tulsa is doing an interview with my dear old friend Morgan in Phoenix and all because of my totally incredible networking skills.  

Just kidding - I had nothing to do with it.  But, it's still cool.

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