40 by 40

In 40 weeks I will turn 40 and I want to lose a pound a week until then.  Hence the title - 40 by 40.  Maybe it should be 40 pounds by 40 weeks before I turn 40.  In any case, I tried to do something like this a few years ago and was mildly successful, but I tried all sorts of crazy techniques.  I was doing it then because I just wanted to be thin.  

Now I am doing it for the sole purpose of feeling better.  Because, did you know, that as you approach 40 you really start to feel your age?  I look at 35 year olds and think, "You don't know how good you got it, Babe!"  With better grammar, of course.

Fortunately for about the past six months I have been exercising on a regular basis with a fabulous workout buddy.  We do yoga, go walking, and today we started up a day of weight training with (yes, we can admit it) less than stellar effort, but we still did it.  She has been doing Weight Watchers and I am joining her in this endeavor.  I'm also staying away from gluten because I did it for three weeks and then had dessert on Sunday and didn't think about it (angel food cake) and my stomach felt horrible.  I will take that as a sign that I probably should stay away from it.  

Really - I just need encouragement from my three readers to do this.  :)

I'm inspired by Bethany Hamilton, who got back up on a Surf Board after having her arm eaten off by a shark.  If she can do that at 13, I can do this at three times her age.


  1. So, I decided to read your blog RIGHT AFTER searched for the perfect zucchini bread recipe for your visit next weekend. *Expletive* My work partners laughed at me, the gall...Well, I bought some quinoa flour a few months back and put it in the freezer since Cousin Jaci has been gluten-free for years and I try to include her in our menu when she visits. GinnyB