Remember Me?


Well, that doesn't surprise me.  

It has been a busy summer.  And, to tell you the truth, I got a little burnt out on blogging after all of the Paid to Play challenges that I went through!  So I have just been channeling my creative juices elsewhere - i.e. planning a reunion and mentally preparing for Harry Potter 7.2.  I'm going tonight. 

I have also been spending time with loved ones - family reunion, cousin's wedding, bestie and her family.  The other night I had my bestie and my "best guy friend besides my husband" watching Harry Potter 7.1 in my basement.  Have I told you how amazingly blessed I feel to have them around again after living in different states for so long?  No?  

Well, amazingly blessed doesn't totally cover it.  But, if I really stop to think about it I get all teary and grateful and my nose starts running and that isn't pretty.

I've also lost 5 lbs eating healthy food.

Funny how that works.

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  1. Glad you are having a busy and meaningful summer! I'm like you - totally behind on blogging and such because just so much going on. But, all good. There is a time and a place, isn't there.

    Hope all is well.