Summer Vacation

13 months ago I booked our timeshare so that we could go on a vacation to the Oregon Coast the first week in August of THIS year.  I knew it was taking a risk since that is a loooooong time, however, I was willing to take it to get this particular location.

So far because of the vacation I am missing:
1.  A bridal shower for my future sister-in-law.
2.  The first time she goes through the temple.
3.  My husband's grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary party.
4.  A friend's surprise party.
5.  An open house for the preschool that my daughter will go to in the afternoons twice a week (she is starting Kindergarten, but this is a bilingual preschool that she went to last year and a great way for her to learn Spanish).  

This wasn't the best week to book a vacation, is what I am sayin'.  I should have booked it for the current week because nothing much has happened this week.  

That being said, I am excited to spend a week at the beach.  I am ready for a few days with my little family!

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