Funny, but true

People seem to think I know stuff.  I really don't.  Yes, over the past year I have learned a great deal about how to run a small business.  Yes, I took an 8 month business course that used social media heavily and taught me a few tricks.  

That really means that I know how to wing it.

I mentioned it has been a busy summer.  So busy that I can't believe it is almost over.  This is really where that saying, "I don't remember days, I remember moments" or whatever (I hate those sayings) really kicks in for me.  I remember that I saw every member of both sides of my extended family as well as my husband's extended family.  We went swimming a lot on our trip to Oregon.  I planned and attended a huge family reunion and attended two weddings of close relatives.  I even attended a wedding of a distant relative.  

I helped my best-guy-friend-besides-my-husband move to an apartment locally and have had my girl bestie and her family staying with us for the past two months (I wish they could just stay forever).  I worked a lot.  I put my foot in my mouth and said, "Sure, I'll be Communications Director for the PTO next year."  Translation: I will overhaul everything because I am bossy like that.

Logistically, there aren't enough hours in the day for me to get done what I do.  There just isn't.  That's how I wing it.  I also know how and when to outsource, but that's another story for another day.  

So really - if you want my advice on something I am totally willing to give it to you, but I really don't know what I am talking about most of the time.

Or do I?

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