Chapter Two: The Word of Wisdom

In Chapter One, I talked about Massage and Essential Oils.  In this chapter I talk about the AHA! moment that I experienced one night while reading the book "Green for Life" by Victoria Boutenko.  

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I follow a health code found in a book of our scripture called the Doctrine and Covenants.  The specific section is Section 89 and it is known in the Church as the Word of Wisdom.  It is common knowledge that members of the Church don't drink alcohol, don't smoke tobacco, don't drink coffee or caffeinated tea, etc.  When I was attending religion classes in Virginia, one of the things that stuck with me when we studied this section was something that I was taught by Doug Pennock.  It goes something like this.




Now - put that into a pyramid...kind of like a food pyramid. :)  At the top are the RULES.  Those are the do this/don't do that of life.  In the middle are the PRINCIPLES.  The Principle behind the Word of Wisdom is that these things aren't good for your body and by ingesting them, a person can put themselves in a state of dependence on them - alcoholism, tobacco addition, caffeine addiction, etc.  Addictions are painful to both the individual and their family members.  I lived with an alcoholic (my former step-father) for five years.  It was a very ugly five years.  

The bottom of the pyramid is the most important part - the DOCTRINE.  We believe that the body and the spirit are two separate entities.  We believe that we were created spiritually first, and then had the opportunity to come to earth to receive a body, make mistakes, learn from them, and repent of our sins.  We believe that Jesus Christ set the example for us and that we should do our best to follow Him.  Therefore, the doctrine for the Word of Wisdom is that our bodies are temples for our spirits, and we shouldn't put things into our temples that will pollute them. 

There is a portion of the Word of Wisdom that tells us what TO put into our bodies:

11 Every herb in the season thereof, and every fruit in the season thereof; all these to be used with aprudence and bthanksgiving.
12 Yea, aflesh also of bbeasts and of the fowls of the air, I, the Lord, have ordained for the use of man with thanksgiving; nevertheless they are to be used csparingly;
 13 And it is pleasing unto me that they should not be aused, only in times of winter, or of cold, or bfamine.
 14 All agrain is ordained for the use of man and of beasts, to be the staff of life, not only for man but for the beasts of the field, and the fowls of heaven, and all wild animals that run or creep on the earth;
 15 And athese hath God made for the use of man only in times of famine and excess of hunger.
 16 All grain is good for the afood of man; as also the bfruit of the vine; that which yieldeth fruit, whether in the ground or above the ground—

About a month ago when I was praying about some health issues, I felt a very strong impression that I should go back and read Doctrine and Covenants 89 again.  When I read this it hit me like a ton of bricks.   I am not in a famine, or excess of hunger.  I am not even in winter at the moment although it is a bit chilly outside.  Still - a short time ago, meat or chicken was a staple for dinner every night.  The next part I read was like a huge lightbulb for me.

18 And all saints who remember to keep and do these sayings, walking in obedience to the commandments, ashall receive bhealth in their navel and marrow to their bones;
 19 And shall afind bwisdom and great ctreasures of dknowledge, even hidden treasures;
 20 And shall arun and not be bweary, and shall walk and not faint.
 21 And I, the Lord, give unto them a promise, that the adestroying angel shall bpass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them. Amen.

What particularly intrigued me was the "And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures..."  For some reason that had never made an impression on me.  I knew there were health blessings associated with following the Word of Wisdom, but "great treasures of knowledge" had an impact on me as I am always seeking to have a greater understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I decided that like any doctrine, I needed to try it out for myself.  At the same time, I felt impressed to do a great deal of research on how to eat without animal products.  Especially because every "diet" I had ever tried was centered around lean meat, chicken and fish.  I realized I had no idea HOW to not eat that way....

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