Naked Juice: Review

This past week while on vacation, my husband and I made a great discovery.  It is hard to go into a gas station and find healthy options.  Occasionally there are apples and bananas out on the counter, but I stay away from those because something about buying fruit in a gas station horrifies me.  Just my personal feeling on the matter.  The night before we went on vacation, we stayed at my parents' house so we could spend some time with them.  I didn't have any greens on me, so that morning I had Shakeology.  When we stopped at the gas station, I saw Naked Juice in the juice section.  There was one called Green Machine that caught my eye, and another called Blue Machine.  The Green Machine had all of the Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Parsley, Broccoli, Blue Green Algae, Chorella, Spirulina, and Spinach.  The Blue Machine had all of the berries, plus all of the B Vitamins that can be hard to get in a plant-based diet, especially B12.  It also had 13 grams of fiber - woot!

So we decided to try them out.  They are vegan, non-GMO, and there is no sugar added.  The juice is very thick, so we found that taking a serving and diluting it with water made it easier to drink.  We liked the flavor, however, and bought huge bottles of it when we arrived in California to use as our Green Smoothie base so that we didn't have to buy as many fruits and vegetables.  It worked out well and I think we will do that when we travel. 

I wouldn't necessarily recommend having one daily, because I believe that Green Smoothies should be made from fresh organic greens where possible in order to get the most nutrients and fiber.  However, it's great when there aren't other options!

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