I have a specific spot in my house that needs to be painted.  It's the stairwell.  It needs to be painted white, which means it will need to be painted over, oh, about 37 times.  I will need to do that while standing on a tall ladder on the stairs.  Which means I will need to do it when my kids are out of the house so that I can leave the ladder there and then go back and forth as it dries.  And while I am at it, now that it has been a year since I painted as much as I could prior to doing all of this....I need to touch up white paint throughout the house.  But then, I also need my husband to finish doing the raised panel molding in the living room so that I can paint that as well.  Except he is working on the bookshelves that he started in May because I got him a track saw so he could build them.  And then I will need to paint those white after priming them.  So there is a LOT of white painting that will need to eventually happen in my house.  Then my son told me that he wants to have his bedroom painted, but I still need to finish the hallway downstairs.  I finished my bedroom before my bestie got her so that she would still talk to me, but I want to remodel the master bathroom and put in two sinks.  Except then I won't have room for my towels so I won't really be sure where to put them.  And I am not sure what color I would paint the master bathroom because I don't know what kind of sinks I am going to put in because I haven't looked around at sinks.  Then there is the whole thing about wanting kitchen countertops because mine has a chip in it and I want to expand the kitchen island for more usable space.  Except that would mean that I will need to change out the flooring in the great room because right now it is half carpet and half vinyl.  Are you with me so far?  Then I also want to get new countertops in both bathrooms because my current countertops are solid colored and are constantly covered with water spots so it would be nice to have something that would slightly hide that.  And then it would be cool to get french doors instead of sliding doors going out to the deck, but I also would like a pergola so that there is some shade because it is in full sun and last summer the infernal winds shredded the gazebo thingie that i had up.  Not to mention the bazillions of pictures I need to get hung up in the basement because I am doing something different in the hallway, but I don't know what, yet.

I need an intervention.