Rocking Star

My five year old daughter doesn't say "Rockstar".  She says, "Rocking Star."  I think her version is more fun.  Just try it - say, "I'm a ROCKSTAR!"  And then say, "I'm a ROCKING STAR!"  Well, whatever.

Last night my kids were Rocking Stars.  The interesting thing about slowly introducing healthier foods to my kids and subtly getting them away from the one-a-day treats, is that they are more game to try foods that three months ago they would have shunned.  It's not just my kids, but my bestie's kids as well.*

Anyway, there have been several times in the past few months where my bestie and I would laugh hysterically over what we were attempting to feed our kids, only to have them eat it with no problem and ask for more.  It's jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, and I love it!  There have also been fewer fits and tantrums, collectively speaking.  That includes my bestie and me.  It's amazing how the healthier I eat, the less cranky I am.  It makes me a nicer mom, too.  Go figure.  

*I get it.  Bestie's is totally improper grammer, like, ya know?

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