Save me! No, really! Save me!

I am a mess. There is a saying that I have heard often in the past year.  That which we resist, persists.  About a year ago, my friend Desiree casually mentioned the word "Pinterest" while we were working out.  I looked it up and didn't see the appeal so I didn't join.  Then other people started talking about "Pinteresting" things.  And finally, my cousin Rachel, who is my go-to of rational people who love me, texted me last week and said, "Are you on Pinterest?  I'm addicted." 

So today I decided I would bite the bullet, but not "really" do anything with it.  Just allow other people to show me cool things.  Wrong.  I searched on the following:

And that was the first hour. 

Then I saw this and thought, "I could whip that together in a few minutes."  And THEN that other little voice in my head said, "If you were Marlane, Jen, or Renae you could.  But, you gave up scrapbooking in the early 00s and those mad skills are out the window."  And THEN I thought, "I could pay someone crafty to whip one of these up for me."  And finally I remembered that I own a company and that if I want to pay someone to whip one of these up for me I should probably get back to work. 

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  1. Wow. I don't know if I should feel honored to have been mentioned on your blog or if I should be offended that it took someone else to make you join. Either way-glad you joined. Have fun pinning!