Wild Edibles for Green Smoothies

I have been incorporating some wild edibles such as dandelion and mustard into our green smoothies.  I wouldn't really recommend going out into your yard and grabbing your dandelion weeds, because they have most likely been hit with yard fertilizer and pesticides and that defeats the purpose.  I buy dandelion weeds at Harmon's - they are organic - and are one of the most nutritious wild greens you can have.  I was excited to see on the video that you can eat the leaves of strawberry plants, because I grow strawberries every year in my square foot garden and I don't treat them with fertilizer or pesticides.  I have found most edible weeds to be bitter, so I don't use a huge bunch and I combine them with milder greens such as spinach. The bitter taste is good for cleansing organs according to his video, and that is a huge part of what I am trying to do right now - clean out the toxins to help my blood flow better.  

It is freezing outside today and while my kids aren't sick, three of their friends who they hang out with daily are.  I have watched countless video testimonials and read countless stories now by people who started drinking green smoothies daily and healed everything from diabetes to cancer as well as other "incurable" ailments.  My hope is that by incorporating all of these greens, fruits and vegetables into our daily eating, that maybe my kids will stay healthy this winter!  I would much rather spend money on healthy foods than co-pays.

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