Creating Joy

Most people who know my son comment on the fact that he is ALWAYS smiling.  I was supremely grumpy throughout my entire pregnancy with him, so I have to think that this is a nature verses nurture situation.  This past week at Tithing Settlement our bishop called him Perma-grin.  His school principle says he is smiling every time he sees her.  He has twinkly eyes and a dimple to die for.  I love the kid.

This morning I put on the Christmas CD from Scott Williams.  I knew the first song is a rather lively song and as it started really going I looked over at my son.  I could see he was trying to hold back, but the music was too powerful.  Soon he let loose and started dancing around the room.  His little sister came out and joined him.  It was one of those childhood moments of pure joy. 

Not bad for a Monday.

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