The Great Conundrum of 2011

In the 7 years that have transpired since moving into my house I have organized the pantry  no less than 84 times.  I have painted the kitchen twice, the living room twice, the front room twice, the hallway twice, but that was my neighbor's fault.  It took me two years to finish painting my bedroom because moving the bed seemed too daunting.  I painted the hall bathroom in a day.  I have painted the room that is currently my office three times.  I have painted what is now my daughter's room probably 3 1/2 times.  There was a disaster with electric yellow paint at one time.  On my main floor this leaves me with two untouched blank canvases.  I don't think I can get away with painting anything else for at least a year.  

This leaves me my laundry room.  And my bathroom.

Here is the conundrum, because I like the word conundrum.  The laundry room is a pass-through room to the garage.  It is not remotely large.  It is primarily a dumping ground.  The storage option for the last 7 years in there was a giant plastic shelving unit from Home Depot.  Nothing says fashion or style in a laundry room like a giant plastic shelving unit from Home Depot.  No, really - NOTHING.  At one point we had the washer and dryer stacked, but then those died and we got the new ones that sing, and we don't want to stack them this time.  

The point is - I want to paint my laundry room.  I NEED to paint my laundry room.  And I always start painting around the Holidays.  Then I quit in January and leave things half done.  To be fair - the stairway isn't done because I need my husband and kids to go away for an entire day so that I can keep the ladder on the stairs between coats of paint.  I also need that entire day to coincide with a day that I feel like painting.  

Thanks to Pinterest, I do have a general plan.  And I also have a five day weekend coming up.  Always a dangerous combo.  Let's see what magic can happen.  And no, Kristen, you are not allowed to come and see it until it is done. 

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  1. My list of painting desires is endless and yet I am not able to do any of it right now. Darn pregnancy and hernia! Grrr. Your house is adorable so keep painting and re-decorating to your hearts content. As far as having a free day to paint - isn't that what husbands and grandparents are for?