The Dawn of the Living Dead

I have to say that Stephenie Meyer lost me at "Renesme".  Yeah, no.  Let's be honest.  She lost me somewhere around book two when....

Okay, seriously?  I don't even remember book two.  What was it even called?  Something about a moon?  Anyway, I saw the first movie with droopy eyed thinks her eyes look smoky Bella, and excessively low-budget and baby-powdered Edward with my bestie in Arizona.  We did not go to the midnight showing because, well, we are adults.  I saved the midnight showing for one of the other movies when I temporarily lost my sanity.  It's back now.  So we went sometime in the morning and I remember laughing unrestrained through most of it and cackling wildly when my bestie said, "Doesn't this remind you of that episode of 'Friends' when Joey does smell the fart acting?" 

Yes, yes it did.  Then we agreed the music reminded us of the background music on a Wednesday After School Special.

The second movie was slightly better if I remember, which I actually don't.  I am not entirely sure what happened in it.  Was that the one where Edward disappears and Bella becomes whiny and sniveling and drives everyone around her even crazier?  I recall my friend yelling out "Team Sam!" during the third.  There was something involving an igloo or a tent?  I remember laughing.  

Which brings me to the 4th movie.  I would be opposed to even seeing this movie except I am totally a trendy person (as evidenced by this post) and it is totally the THING to do right now.  And because my next door neighbor invited me, and I bought her a rotisserie chicken a few months ago at Costco, so she bought my movie ticket (except I still owe her $3 because movies are overpriced).  In a nutshell, I am going tonight.  Not at midnight, because I'm not crazy anymore, remember?  At a normal decent time where I am sure to not encounter 1000 screaming teenagers.  My major concern will be if they didn't edit the 200 pages in the book where Jacob runs around sniffing the perimeter like he did in the book. 

Would anyone think badly of me if I needed real butter on movie popcorn tonight?  Better choice than a steak...or neck.  Bwahahahahahahaha!  Yeah, I'll stop.


  1. You better get extra butter and do a big eyebrow raise when they ask if you want it so they give you lots more (works for me every time).

  2. Hahaha! I wish I had read this before I went. I hated it. I mean, it was entertaining I suppose. But I think that was because I was sitting next to a man who has never read a single Twilight book and who proclaimed, "Ah, HELL no! He imprinted on an infant? This stuff is crap!" My thoughts exactly Stephenie Myers. My thoughts exactly.