It's the Yeti!

I didn't get the memo that there would be snow tonight.  So I went over in, yes, my former maternity pajama bottoms, a t-shirt, and birkenstock clogs (no comments from the cheap seats, please) with a light fleece jacket to the house of my bestie (how do you pluralize bestie?  bestie's?) to watch a really dumb movie.  When I left after four inches had come down, I put on my isotoner driving gloves (I don't need you to tell me that I am a geek - I am very self-aware), grabbed my daughter's lunch bag that she left in the car, and wacked away at the snow on the windshield.

This was after I backed up into the street while my bestie watched wondering what the hee haw I was doing.  Thank you to MissAmyHale for the term "hee haw".  I did manage to make it home, but I sang the whole way because I had "Annie's Song" in my head.  I heard it while buying Christmas presents at Walmart earlier this morning. 

I pulled into the garage with four inches atop my rockin' minivan and went into the house and scared the hee haw out of my husband when I walked in our bedroom and said, "There are four inches of snow outside!" in order to get him to stop snoring.  At that point I brushed my teeth and thought about the mdf (medium density fibreboard) that has been sitting inside the garage all nicely cut for some built in shelves that my husband is working on.  I realized that the four inches of snow could easily melt, warping said pieces of mdf, so I threw the old clogs back on and grabbed a broom and knocked a small portion of it off hoping that I did enough.  

Then I closed the garage door, but it wouldn't close because of the snow pile that I had built up so I had to go and shove the partially melted piles away from the garage door opening.  

Lessons Learned: 
1.  Assume from now until mid-April that snow is eminent and dress accordingly.
2.  Figure out where snow gloves are and seriously ponder why I have isotoner gloves at all.
3.  Give isotoner gloves to my mother.
4.  Remind myself for yet the 7th year in a row now that I should have a good pair of snow boots.
5.  Go to bed.  Right now.

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  1. Love your writing! This was fun to read...probably not fun at the moment. :) Makes for good blogging. By the way this is Neil B.