Ear Infection Season

Isn't it interesting how ear infections aren't contagious, but it seems like all kids have them at the same time?   I remember one year when my son was around three, that he had four ear infections in a row.  Um, scratch that.  He had to go on four different antibiotics because none of them were working on his ear infection.  Why is that? 

So when I started using essential oils I stopped going to the doctor when my kids get ear infections.  Oh wait - they haven't actually had a diagnosed ear infection for the past two years.  I haven't tried basil, but I have put melaleuca around the outside of my kids' ears if they complain about their ear hurting, and put it on a cotton ball and have them hold it up to their ear canal.  Then they stop complaining.  

Typical co-pay for a doctor visit: $15-35
Cost of one bottle of children's motrin for the pain: $6-10
Cost of one bottle of children's tylenol so you can alternate it: $6-10

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