Awww, Nuts!

I'm really not a cause promoting person.  I may seem like it with my forceful personality, but I really am not.  I'm not even promoting eating a vegan diet with all of these posts.  However, the other day my brilliant sister said, "Don't worry about converting everyone to your cause."  It struck me as an odd statement - I didn't think of this as a cause.  

However, I gave it some additional thought and if there is a "cause" in all of this, it is to promote better education for myself and for any parents to want it, about the obesity problems that our children are having.  I honestly don't remember many obese kids growing up.  There were maybe one or two, but not like I see now.  I've never been a skinny person, but in spite of my current weight, I actually have a normal BMI (Body Mass Index) because I have a large frame and carry a lot of muscle. 

I don't think anyone would argue that kids eat far more crap and processed foods than we did as kids.  It's just more abundant.  McDonald's was a treat when I was growing up and now it's a daily ritual for some families.  I did couponing for a while and stopped when I realized that the majority of coupons that I got were for processed foods.  I'm not a saint in all of this, but, having a kid with allergies puts things into a different light for me.  I am surrounded by kids with peanut allergies, milk allergies, egg allergies, gluten allergies, citrus allergies, soy allergies, etc.  I have a party for my son's baptism on Saturday and have tried to work around all of the allergies (the noodles for the minestrone are organic quinoa noodles to avoid egg allergies).  All of these kids are going to grow up and have to live in a world that is not friendly or patient with what they are going through.  So if anything I do will help educate me, my family, and my friends who struggle with this, then fabulous! 

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