On to my Next Project

One of the benefits of putting up molding on many of the walls of my house over the past two years is that my husband and I are molding experts.  Not really at all, but I like to think that maybe we have a bit more advanced knowledge than your average person. 
We did this half wall last year.  This picture was taken the other night before our neighborhood Christmas party which is why there is a weird chair configuration.  Prior to this it just had the rounded edges on the top and was pretty boring.  I love this look.  Love love love it.  I'm still trying to figure out what to put on that big wall besides that big iron circle thingie.  It will come to me eventually.  I centered it more on the half wall than the whole wall which is a whole 'nother thang that keeps me up at night.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the next project.

So back to the whole molding thing.  I have three huge mirrors in my house that reside in the bathrooms.  They are so ugly - just big squares of mirror.  And if I took them off the walls, which I really want to do and replace them with a pretty mirror, then it would require scraping off 7 year old glue and then painting around it which would require buying more paint because I ran out of the paint color in the one bathroom I have painted.  I ran out because I thought it was the color I wanted my laundry room painted, but then it wasn't. 

Then I ran into this gem of a picture on Pinterest.  
Right?!  Molding!  Now why didn't I think of that?  It wouldn't even be hard because of our molding expertise.  And don't even get me started on my brilliant caulking techniques.  Anyway.

I am going to start with the downstairs bathroom because it is the one that I least care about and because if I make a mistake I would rather make it in that one.  This is what it looks like now:
I have plans for the cabinets as well.  I saw this picture on Pinterest and decided that since these are just stock oak cabinets that I might be able to do something similar.  The laminate countertop is just a plain sage green so I might get that replaced as well to something that doesn't show every single drop of water.  I will probably get a better laundry hamper as well.  And I haven't decided what color to paint the walls....crap.  Here I go again.
Now, in order to engage Dave in all of these projects, I have to give him the next couple of weekends to finish up THIS project that he has been working on for a year.

 Lots and lots of boxes.  The ones in the garage (above) will go on top of the ones currently in the basement.  Then they will be all shimmed and trimmed and probably lots of other rigging that I will close my eyes to and then they will be all ready for me to paint....white.  And then they will somewhat match the picture below of the entertainment center that we built a few years ago.  And I will be able to put books on them and that will make me happy. 

 I should mention that I finally got pictures to put in my picture frames that I hung up a couple of weeks ago.  Well, at least I got pictures for one area.  I have decided that I will either do really cool close up pictures of the kids for these 16x20 frames.  Or I will do a picture of Christ with a picture of President Monson and a picture of Joseph Smith on either side. 
Or I will go for some vintage Lord of the Rings posters I found on Amazon. 
And finally, Zeke (pronounced ZeeKee) our Shelf Elf arrived sometime last night so let the good behavior begin!

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