Thanksgiving Weekend (Weakened) Warrior Project!

I had a really ugly laundry room last weekend.  Thanks to my obsession with Pinterest, I came across this picture and decided to copy it.  Except I didn't copy it.  I painted my laundry room and put up cabinets, but no chandelier will grace the ceiling and the color is dolphin grey, not teal.
 If I had been on the ball, I would have taken a before picture.  Let's just say it was extremely ugly.  I had a big gray industrial shelving unit from Home Depot covered with junk in the corner.  I had a random metal thing hanging on the wall with a dusty wok hanging from it.  The walls were banged up and still the painter's white from 7 years ago when we moved in. 
 We got a great surprise for Thanksgiving!  My husband's brother was able to come visit.  He is in the Air Force and is training for something before he goes to one of the countries that we are occupying for 9 months so we didn't think we would see him until NEXT Christmas.  Yay for brothers-in-law!  We put him to work.  A friend of ours actually hung the cabinets, but my husband and brother-in-law finished things off and figured out the door situation.
 This is what it looked like not all put together, yet.
 I have a whole shelf for cleaning supplies so now I can keep them in one place.  I realize that I have MANY half empty bottles of cleanser so now I can use it to clean up this mess and then consolidate and get pretty smelling stuff.
 This is the semi-final product.  I will be messing with it some more.
 Now my kids can put their backpacks and coats in here instead of dumping them in the living room.  I will probably get a cuter dry erase board.  I love Command hooks for stuff like this because it is less permanent than drilling into the wall like I did before.
 This is the door leading into the living room area.  I am going to get a new ironing board cover because that is just ugly.  I have hats, gloves, and sunscreen in the shoe holder behind the door.  I have these shoe holders behind several doors in my house.  They are handy.
This is my "empty" corner.  The vacuum cleaner will go here (it's been in the front room closet for years) and my brilliant neighbor had the idea to put up open shelves with baskets for the kids.  Whenever I find their small stuff, I will put it in the basket and they can look there first.  She's brilliant.  She is also finishing her basement.  She is also addicted to Pinterest.  She's awesome.

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