On the Seventh Day of Christmas...Balance!

Balance has a fantastic woodsy scent.  In fact, you just might mistake it for a Christmas tree.  Maybe because it has spruce in it, which may help to dilate the bronchial tract in order to improve your oxygen levels.  It also contains Frankincense, Rosewood, and Blue Tansy - all calming and balancing oils.  I absolutely recommend diffusing Balance whenever possible in order to help balance the body and mind (especially during meditation) and putting it on the bottom of your feet, your wrists (so you can inhale it) and your spine to relieve pain.

Order Lavender through me (retail $30 including tax) and your shipping or delivery is free!

1.  Click here to order Balance
2.  Send me an email letting me know your order number and address where you want your bottle shipped. 
3.  I will email you a list of ways and methods to use Balance to help improve your health and wellness naturally!

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