On the Sixth Day of Christmas...Breathe!

This little beauty does exactly what it says - helps you breathe.  As I mentioned, blend it with Balance and it can help with anxiety attacks.  Diffuse it into the air to help open up your lungs when congested.  A couple of weeks ago I took my diffuser over to my cute four year old neighbor.  He has RSV and croup issues like you wouldn't believe, and it usually results in him landing in the hospital for a week or two.  I told his mama to diffuse OnGuard and Breathe into his room during the night.  The next day his fever was gone and he was breathing much better.  

I once read on a blog about a kid whose asthma was so bad he couldn't even go to school.  After using Breathe he not only was able to go to school, but was able to play out on the playground.  He continues to use it regularly and has stopped needing his inhaler.  How amazing is that?  

I just love to put a drop or two in my hands and inhale deeply through my mouth and nose during the winter to keep my lungs open.  There is cruddy air here in Utah and sometimes that is what makes the difference for me.  I also like to put it on my feet at night to get into my bloodstream and help clear things out.  As you can see - I definitely use these oils regularly depending on my ailment.

I will be doing a class that is just going to be a Q&A in January.  It will be for anyone interested in using the oils, or anyone interested in building a home based business.  I will keep you posted on that.

In the meantime...

1.  Click here to order Breathe
2.  Send me an email letting me know your order number and address where you want your bottle shipped. 
3.  I will email you a list of ways and methods to use Breathe to help improve your health and wellness naturally!

Free shipping only lasts through December!  I will be picking up an order on Wednesday so act now if you are interested in getting them before the Holidays!

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