On the Tenth Day of Christmas...Slim & Sassy!

Slim & Sassy - just like it sounds.  Look, I'm not going to promise you that you will lose weight with Slim & Sassy.  What I have found is that drinking it my water helps to curb sugar cravings, which is exactly what I always need heading into January.  I put a few drops in and it flavors it with grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger and cinnamon - all known elements to help with digestion and weight loss in general.  

Slim & Sassy is a metabolic blend.  I drink it in between meals to help me manage the hunger and cravings.  Slim & Sassy alone will not help you lose weight if you eat a plate full of cookies along with it.  It doesn't make that kind of promise!  However, in conjunction with eating less and a great exercise program (like the new Beachbody Les Mills Pump) that incorporates weight training and cardio, it will help you to stick with the program.  

Slim & Sassy retails at around $35 including tax.

Order Slim & Sassy through me and your shipping or delivery is free!

1.  Click here to order Slim & Sassy
2.  Send me an email letting me know your order number and address where you want your bottle shipped. 
3.  I will email you a list of ways and methods to use Slim & Sassy to help improve your health and wellness naturally!

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