Indy's Update

Woof Woof - oops, wait.  I don't bark.

Now that I am all settled in with this new family, I am finding myself enjoying the Dog Days of winter.  As in, I rarely have to go outside because these nutcases think that I am going to freeze.  It's all good because I lie on the floor and sleep at my new mama's feet and make a lot of noises and pass a lot of gas.  And they all still seem to love me.

I had a big day last Sunday.  Instead of leaving me at home, they took me around to meet the relatives.  First we drove for an hour or so South.  I had to hang out mostly in my portable crate, but that's okay.  I got a lot of loves - seemed to be quite a few dog lovers there.  I met the lady responsible for my new home.  She seems nice. 

Then we headed to another family party where I mostly dozed in the front room again, and my new Dad was snoring right along with me.  I've noticed that we have similar snores and noises...ahem.

So - still learning the ropes, but I have got these people on a leash (no pun intended) and I'm pretty sure that they would roll over (pun intended) for me if I wanted them to.  Ha - and they thought they weren't dog lovers.

Until next time...

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