Where Do You Shop?

I had another one of those "Weird things seen around Utah" moments last Saturday.  My Bestie and I had a bunch of last minute shopping that we needed to do, so we made a list, checked it twice, hired my husband to babysit, and hit the road.  We stopped first at Brio to get our nourishment and my Bestie declared it heavenly.

Then we stopped at the new H&M that was built here a couple of months ago.  When we walked in the door, this shirt greeted us, with very loud techno music.
I turned to my bestie and said, "Didn't that Freddie guy...no...what was his name?  That one guy in the 80s who told us to do something?"  THAT is how you know you are old.  When you forget Frankie.

We headed upstairs where the kids' clothes live mostly out of fear.  The people on the main floor were tall, skinny and trendy.  We hadn't dressed for that type of crowd.  Wait - we never dress for that type of crowd.  Suddenly I felt like I was in Manhattan and not Murray.  

After finding a couple of cute and cheap items for the kids, we got in a very long line.  Long enough to allow me to take a picture of this poor unfortunate soul.  I have been told since that this look is "in".  THAT is how you know you are old.  
Plaid button down shirt with mock turtleneck sweater vest over it. 

Oh well - kids these days.  We exited H&M and headed next door to Crate and Barrel.  As we entered the doors we were greeted with the soft strains of...Tchaikovsky.  We breathed a long sigh of relief, laughed, remembered it was Frankie telling us to Relax, and went about our shopping.

Speaking of shopping, I just have to give a shout out to my friend Kristen's eBay store.  I have found some items there lately that I love and that fit and I haven't had to go to anywhere that plays techno to get them. 

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  1. I shop online simply so I can avoid all the awkwardness that comes from me being the least trendy person in the store. Plus, I don't like having 17 year olds help me pick out my jeans. I have a feeling they all think "the mama pouch" is a myth. Good for you guys for braving it!!