It's Here! LesMills PUMP!

Beachbody has given us an even earlier Christmas present!  As of now you can order Beachbody's LesMills PUMP workout - and get ready for January a day early!

Club Members pay $2.99/week for access to some amazing tools to hit your goal in 2012.

10% discount on all Beachbody products
Personalized meal plans and delicious recipes
Community support, motivation, and accountability
VIP access to celebrity trainers
Exclusive Beachbody TV video content (Shakeology videos are coming!)
Win prizes up to $1000 a day just for logging in and working out!

Did you know that Tony Horton, creator of P90X (ouch) and P90X2 eats primarily vegan?  And looks like this?  AT age 50+?  Yeah, I know.  P90X2 was recently released and the results coming in are amazing. 

And finally, my good friend Chalene Johnson (we work out ALL of the time together) recently launched her book PUSH and it has already hit best-seller lists.  Doing TurboFire with Chalene and P90X with Tony is like having a personal trainer yelling at you except you aren't paying $90 an hour.  You can PUSH Play over and over again each week in a training program that brings results.  The first month I did P90X I lost 10 inches.  It works.  TurboFire works.  By the way....Chalene Johnson is 42. 

By the way again...John, the guy that just won The Biggest Loser, is 40. 

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