Going to the Extreme vs. Eating in Moderation

“We have the science to suggest that if you can make three changes -– give up all meat, all dairy, and refined foods including free oils -- you can avoid dying from cancer and heart disease. It’s being brought to life in a new documentary called Forks Over Knives. I saw it, I loved it, and I need all of you to see it too. This could be the Hail Mary of medicine.” - Dr. Mehmet Oz

That is one powerful statement, do you agree?   

A few interesting comments on Facebook after this statement:

"Tools and fire have never been required to meet the human body's nutritional needs. People have forgotten their true nature due to bad programming and culturally reinforced bad habits. I unwaveringly look to the cancer-free examples of the entire free animal kingdom outside of human controls. No supplements, no powders, no gimics, no fears and no disease necessary."

"Gave up red meat and pork about 4 months ago. Really pulled back on my dairy and wheat as well. I have not felt this good in years! Everyday, people ask me what I am doing to lose weight! I am still eating local, farm raised eggs, fish about once a week and chicken about 3 times per month. The chicken is on it's way out of the diet. I teach exercise classes, so my protein requirement is higher than most, but supplement with a fantastic dairy-free product that derives it's protein from organic peas. If you are having trouble getting off of dairy products, all it takes is to watch undercover video taken of the horribly inhumane and sadistic dairy industry. If you must have dairy, please purchase from a local, humane farm in your area. Kudos to Dr. Oz for at least getting people to consider a more thoughtful diet. I do appreciate that he will have folks like Dr. Mercola (whom Dr. Oz often disagrees with!!) on his show to talk about alternative to mainstream thinking and medicine!"

"This is why I don't like "TV doctors" like this yahoo. The film is very good, but it does NOT advocate giving up all meat or all dairy. It suggests that a diet consisting of less than 5% animal protein minimizes the risk of most cancers. And a diet of greater than 20% animal protein increases that risk. Gross misinterpretation of an otherwise excellent documentary. Too bad this guy has so many credulous and gullible viewers."
"Been vegan for years. Watched all my friends get diabetes & heart disease. Sorry Pillsbury, you are part of the problem, not the cure. Whole grains, veggies & beans."
"Giving up meat is NOT the way to go. There are vitamins found in meat that are pretty much non existent in vegetables and you'll be putting yourself at a really high risk of getting major degenerative bone problems and malnutrition if you do that. It is not all meat that needs to be avoided, it is PROCESSED MEAT that should be eliminated from our diets. Big difference."
So, clearly a heated debate in the making.  People love food - they need it to survive.  I have heard many people say we need to eat in moderation.  I don't know anyone that truly DOES eat in moderation, nor can they tell me what "moderation" means.  Does it mean small amounts of what is known to be "bad" for us?  Processed foods, etc.?  I would love for you to weigh in and tell me what moderation means to you, how you eat, and what your thoughts are on this.  

I know from the past six months of experience that it isn't easy to eat this way.  It takes commitment, but it also requires being very in tune with how you are feeling on a daily basis.  As I mentioned a few days ago, I deviated and had "veggie" pad thai and spent two days feeling sick to my stomach from the fats and oils.  I can only guess that it was food poisoning, or that my body is so used to NOT eating these foods that it reacted negatively.  



  1. I went totally vegan over a year ago, and then a few months ago I added back in rarely pastured eggs and fish. I do not lack any B12... I get it from my morning shake and my coconut milk. I don't see anything I lack, except the asthmatic issues I was having before. In fact just taking my daughter off dairy has taken her off the inhaled steroids. So it's up to each person to make their own choice, but my choice is clear.

  2. I don't believe that moderation can be a good thing when applied to quite a lot of things. For instance, is drug abuse in moderation healthy? How about child abuse? Vandalism? Animal products are not health foods. It's only a matter of time before more people start to realize this.