Green smoothie Class

I was asked to teach a Green Smoothie class tonight for the women at church.  There could be two people or 20 people, but my fridge is full of greens.  Last night we had our weekly Health & Fitness Club at my house.  It's really interesting the variety of issues that people are dealing with.  It has been a good forum for ideas and we usually stay up talking.  It was fun last night because one of the women brought homemade wheat bread for us to try.  I am getting a lot of info on how people are learning to cope with their specific problems through eating the right foods.

I also got a new recipe to try tonight - Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup.  Yum!  This morning my 5 year old asked if there was any bean soup left from last night that she could have because it was "so yummy".  I love that my kids are eating beans for a couple of reasons.  1.  They are good for them with nutrients and fiber.  2.  They are cheap.  

Since we stopped eating meat and dairy my food budget has dropped by about $100 a month.  Love that!  Especially because it feels like the costs of food are going up every week.  I also love that most of the greens that I put in my smoothies are greens that I have grown in my backyard during the summer.  I'm gearing up for growing a ton this year and saving even more money. 

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