Heading Uphill

This morning I finished two weeks without missing a workout according to the schedule.  Yay, me!  That hasn't happened for a long time.  But, this is the 90 day No Excuses plan that will extend to 180 and then 365 and beyond.  I like small bites.

Today I am heading North to Eden, Utah to check out a timeshare with my mom.  It will be great to get out in the sunshine because it looks like a beautiful day out there in spite of the cold, and I haven't really been out and about during the day for a couple of weeks other than carpool.  

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. We love Eden! The house we stay in is up on the Wolf Creek golf course and it is just close enough to not be a nightmare to get to, and just far enough that we feel like we can relax and get away. How fun would it be if you ended up going for it and getting that time share!?! We could meet at Carlos and Harley's for lunch while we are there!

    Good job on the 2 weeks of consistently working your butt off!